Georgia Residents: NACA is mobilizing a massive grassroots effort throughout the state.


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Demanding Racial Justice

NACA has been fighting for political and economic justice since its foundation. NACA fights everyday to make the American dream of homeownership a reality to Americans that have been denied access to affordable credit through no fault of their own. Denying access to homeownersip is denying stability and security for families and the ability to create generational wealth.

How I Built This - NACA

NACA is not your typical market-driven venture, but a not-for-profit company with deep roots in advocating for and delivering affordable homeownership to hundreds of thousands of low- to moderate income and minority people, often in opposition to the for-profit goals of banking and housing industry. For 35 years NACA has a track record of effectively organizing people and elevating its operations in the face of crisis, from a local housing crisis in Boston to the national mortgage crisis in 2008 and beyond. And as the premier homeownership program for low- to moderate-income and minority homebuyers in the country, NACA is now uniquely positioned to address this crisis.

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